Hello, I'm a Mom,Amanda Bach

I am a passionate advocate for positive reinforcement potty training and a holistic approach to easing constipation in toddlers. My dedication to these methods stems from personal experience, as my daughter struggled with severe constipation for three years, making potty training a challenging process. Through extensive research and a commitment to finding natural solutions, I discovered the positive impact of a natural and positive approach on our mental and emotional well-being during the potty training journey.

"I'm confident that my potty training system: Potty Prizes, emphasizing positive reinforcement tools, can remove stress and frustration from the process. I'm eager to share this approach to help others find peace and success in their potty training journey. If you're looking for a positive and effective method, join me in transforming this experience into a rewarding one for both parents and children."

My Mission

My mission is to share the knowledge and expertise I've gained with other parents who may be starting the potty training process or facing similar struggles. Having delved into research and sought answers to provide the best for my children, I understand the importance of a supportive community in navigating parenthood. If you share the same commitment to thorough research, seeking optimal solutions, and supporting each other in the parenting journey, I invite you to join me. Together, we can tackle the challenges of parenting, ensuring a positive and nurturing experience for both parents and children alike.