• Save time and money!

    Designed by a mom who wanted to not only potty train but also work on learning fundamental basics for school preparation. Your child will learn/recognize ABC's, shapes, numbers and colors with this system. Take the stress off by making a game out of potty training rather than a chore.

  • Builds Confidence

    Potty Prizes builds confidence in your child by placing a sticker and earning rewards. It becomes a game instead of a tug of war trying to convince them to use the potty. It entices them to keep trying by viewing the rewards they are working towards each time they open the box to place a tracking sticker!

  • Say goodbye to Diapers!

    Say goodbye to buying expensive diapers/pull ups. For about the same cost of your next case of diapers you can encourage your child to be diaper free and using the potty like a champ! Potty Prizes offers 60 attempts for your child to learn to use the potty, earn 12 rewards and build healthy habits.

Here's What Comes In Our Potty Training Kit

We have made potty training SUPER easy for you. You are going to wonder where we've been all your life.

Potty Prizes

Training Rewards

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We also put together this handy step by step guide for parents on how to build healthy habits around potty training and finally ditch the diapers for good! FREE download.

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